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Infra master plan to create jobs for Filipinos

QUEZON CITY (PIA) -- Senator Joseph Victor “JV” Ejercito in July of 2022 filed Senate Bill No. 158 which seeks to create and institutionalize a Comprehensive Infrastructure Development Master Plan.

The said plan will be drafted by the National Economic and Development Authority (NEDA) and monitored by a Joint Congressional Oversight Committee, would cover several areas of development: transportation and logistics, energy, water resources, information and communications technology, social infrastructure, agri-fisheries modernization and food logistics, and asset preservation and maintenance strategies.

“We are here today to help our government craft a long-term infrastructure development master plan by providing legislative guidelines to ensure continuity of high-quality integrated infrastructure projects,” Sen. Ejercito said.

The proposed master plan hopes to ensure the continuity of the country’s major infrastructure programs despite changes in administration and to harmonize the government’s competing infrastructure priorities. 

“The web of complicated problems that we encounter every day is brought about by poor planning or the lack thereof. Crafting a master plan is laying the foundation for industrial and economic development. Picture this as a blueprint in achieving progress, a map that will lead us to prosperity,” Sen. Ejercito said.

Moreover, this will help boost the country’s investment climate and create new jobs and opportunities for Filipinos.

“Infrastructure is vital to foster economic development. When countries invest in infrastructure, it leads to higher foreign and local investments, job opportunities, and efficient government services,” Sen. Ejercito said. 

The lawmaker from San Juan said he launched this proposal in response to the depressing state of the country’s major infrastructure programs, which he described as inconsistent and disorganized.

He cited the frequent reblocking of roads that are still in good condition and the implementation of road widening projects that inflict damage on urban drainage systems as symptoms of this “cancer.” 

“Sa mahabang panahon po ay naging maikli ang ating pagtanaw sa pagpapaunlad ng ating bayan. Patsi-patsi at bara-bara ang naging sistema ng ating pagtatayo. Kumbaga sa paggamot ng sakit, band-aid solutions lamang ang ating ginagawa,” he said. 

This masterplan when passed will guide the government as it continues to build infrastructures to provide conveniences to Filipino people's daily lives. (KSAA – PIA CPSD with information from OSJVE)

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