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Legarda cites digital revolution in WE

SAN JOSE, Antique (PIA) - - Senate President Pro Tempore Loren Legarda cited the importance of the digital revolution in Women Empowerment (WE) putting emphasis on the significant contributions of Filipino women towards a more empowered community and a stronger nation through the use of modern technology.

This she said during the "#Women2023: Women Forging the Digital Future" organized by SPARK! Philippines, where she highlighted the essence of technology in promoting women’s active participation in shaping the Philippines’ future. 

In a press release, she emphasized that there is no doubt that technology has significantly transformed women’s lives.

She added that the emergence of various digital platforms has provided a new space for women to voice their opinions, connect and share their experiences, find support and champion their rights.

Legarda also underscored that technology has helped in addressing gender biases and inequalities in various industries.

As the country honors women’s rights and empowerment this month, Legarda stressed the influence of digital media and technology in national building, especially for government 

agencies, where women play a crucial role, in improving transparency, accountability and efficacy in public service delivery. 

She said that this was very evident when she authored the establishment of the Department of Information, Communication and Technology that paved the way for the creation the Department of Information and Communications Technology (DICT).

“I recognize the power of these tools to advocate my causes, communicate with the people, advance policies, engage with stakeholders, and rally support for legislative efforts. The influence of technology on politics will continue to shape the landscape in the years ahead,” she said, as the four-term senator vowed to continue leveraging its benefits to the fullest extent.

Citing the need to explore ways to improve digital connectivity among communities, Legarda urged women to continue partaking in digital transformation.

With the recent establishments of various digital technology programs such as the  e-Governance and "Broadband ng Masa" in the Province of Antique, the launching of e-Congress in the Senate and House of Representatives, and the proposed Online Network Philippines Act,  Legarda said that these advancements shall lead to more opportunities, as well as reshaping the future of the next generation. 

“As a woman, I strongly support the idea of bringing together and strengthening the relationships between people and communities. My focus has always been on promoting connectivity and inclusivity,” she said.

Legarda added “it is my sincere desire to witness women taking the lead in shaping the direction of technology and the digital landscape.” (JBG/OSLL/PIA-Antique)

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