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Pre-SONA Caravan serves indigent families, PWDs in Las Piñas

QUEZON CITY, (PIA) -- Hundreds of indigent Las Piñas residents, including persons with disability (PWDs), benefited from the various services and items brought by multiple government agencies during the pre-SONA (State of the Nation Address) Caravan organized by the Philippine Information Agency-National Capital Region.

The Metro Manila leg of the pre-SONA Caravan was held at the Verdant Covered Court near the Las Piñas East National High School and hosted by the city government through Mayor Imelda "Mel" Aguilar and Vice-Mayor April Aguilar.

The caravan, which carries the theme: "Nagkakaisang Bumabangon" (Standing Together United), will be held in various locations across the country. The event also sought to foster engagement between the government and its constituents, creating a platform for open discussions, information sharing, and active collaboration on important national issues. The event also aimed to bridge the gap between the government and the people, ensuring that diverse voices will be heard and valued.

One of the key highlights of the pre-SONA Caravan was the participatory approach employed throughout the event. Attendees were encouraged to voice their opinions, concerns, and suggestions on various topics, enabling a two-way conversation with government representatives. This inclusive environment fostered a sense of empowerment among citizens, reinforcing the idea that their voices matter and can influence policy-making.

The Caravan featured thematic areas dedicated to critical sectors, such as education, infrastructure, agriculture, environmental conservation, and transportation, among others.

Each area provided a comprehensive overview of ongoing initiatives, achievements, and challenges, allowing attendees to gain deeper insights into the government's plans and progress. Furthermore, these thematic areas allowed stakeholders to engage in focused discussions and propose practical solutions to pertinent issues.

For the Metro Manila leg, the theme focused on health and social welfare services. The PIA-NCR has partnered with the Department of Health's Metro Manila Center for Health Development and the Department of Social Welfare and Development, along with the Commission on Population and Development National Capital Region, Philippine Health Insurance Corporation, and the National Capital Region Police Office.

Angelina Luarez, 54, of Baranggay Talon Kuatro wanted her degrading eyesight checked. She currently has poor vision which allows her to see only with her right eye, and even then, her right eye has some visible complications such as gray spots around her pupil and cornea.

Nakakakita ako sa kabila kong mata pero ano, malabo pa rin siya (I can still see with my other (right) eye but, it's still blurry),” Luarez said, at the same time thanking Pres. Ferdinand R. Marcos and the various government agencies for bringing the caravan to their place.

During registration, Luarez sought the help of a PIA-NCR staff because she could not see and read the form clearly. 

Kinuha ko yung financial assistance, dun sa DSWD, (I was able to receive a financial assistance from the DSWD)," she added.

She further said that she doesn’t really have the capabilities in terms of finance to aid herself. But thanks to the assistance provided by the DSWD-AICS in the pre-SONA Caravan, the financial assistance from the department is a big help for her condition.

As the pre-SONA Caravan drew to a close, the event succeeded in its objective of creating an inclusive and empowering space for citizen engagement. The valuable insights gathered from the participants will inform the government's policy-making processes and help shape the direction of the nation.

The event served as a reminder of the power of collective action and the importance of fostering active citizenship. (PIA-NCR)

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