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Expert says smoking links to hypertension

To protect the public's health, Dr. Menrige urged smokers and non-smokers to prioritize quitting smoking. (Paul Jaysent Fos/PIA Romblon)

ODIONGAN, Romblon (PIA) -- During Monday's Kapihan sa PIA Romblon, Dr. Renato Menrige, Jr., president of the Philippine Medical Association (PMA) - Romblon chapter, emphasized the harmful effects of smoking on human health, specifically highlighting its connection to hypertension, commonly known as high blood pressure.

As Hypertension Awareness Month ends this May, Menrige's warning serves as a timely reminder to the public regarding the risks linked to tobacco use. He said it is a condition that affects millions of people worldwide and is a leading cause of heart disease and stroke.

"The risk of tobacco smoke can also be correlated with hypertension, especially with heart problems," said Menrige.

According to Menrige, smoking significantly increases the risk of developing hypertension, compounding the health hazards already associated with other habits like immobility, bad eating habit, lack of sleep, and stress.

He also stressed that the damaging effects of smoking on blood pressure are not limited to active smokers. Non-smokers exposed to second hand smoke are also at risk of developing hypertension.

To protect the public's health, Menrige urged smokers and even non-smokers to prioritize quitting or refraining from smoking.

"Sabi nga nila, the best time to stop smoking is now. Totoo iyon dahil kailangan ng ating katawan na makarekobe," Menrige said.

The Philippine Medical Association - Romblon chapter, under Menrige's leadership is currently conducting an awareness campaign to educate the public about the dangers of smoking.

This is one of his programs as the current Municipal Health Officer of Calatrava, the first Municipality in the Mimaropa region declared by the Department of Health (DOH) as Smoke-Free Municipality. (PJF/PIA MImaropa-Romblon)

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