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Islamic Relief PH ends 3-yr inclusive help in Lanao Sur town

DITSA-AN RAMAIN, Lanao del Sur (PIA)--Alongside other international humanitarian aids implemented in Lanao del Sur province, the Islamic Relief Philippines has also capped off its "Sustaining Transformative and Resilient Initiatives in Vulnerable Communities (STRIVEC) in Ranao Philippines" project.

Following this, the organization spearheaded an exit conference, both at the provincial and municipal levels, for the conclusion of its project wherein it met with the officials of the provincial government of Lanao del Sur, schools and the municipal government of Ditsa-an Ramain, and some cooperatives in the province which became their beneficiaries for the past years. 

Islamic Relief Area Programme Manager Sittie-Jamaira Disomimba said the STRIVEC Project was a three-year initiative running from 2020 to 2023 and funded by Islamic Relief Canada. 

She said its goal was to integrate sustainable development and strengthen the resilience of six focused communities through livelihood support and enhance economic opportunities, disaster risk reduction and climate change adaptation, and access to education. 

Through the donor and other partner stakeholders, the STRIVEC Project has, accordingly, aided 3,618 individuals, 600 households, 600 school children, and 18 teacher trainees. 

Disomimba claimed that they were able to deliver help to six villages of Ditsa-an Ramain town, namely, Barangays Barimbingan, Bagoalngud, Lumbatan, Linamon, Maindig and Buadialao while six education institutions also received assistance from their organization. 

“Na witness ko the behavioral change. Dati (I witnessed the behavioral change. Before), they do not see any opportunity around them. Akala nila iyon lang buhay nila (they thought that would already be their life) but right now, they are more progressive. They are addressing life in a positive way,” she said.

Disomimba, however, conveyed that issues were also raised during the exit conference, such as additional skills training and capital for the acquisition of more equipment and materials, market and product development, and social protection programs to complement the livelihood assistance. 

She also shared that for the education aspect, their beneficiaries wished that scholarships would be offered, material and equipment support would continue, volunteer teachers would be augmented, schools’ support for the community would be amplified, and madaris would get the same amount of support. 

For the DRR aspect, she cited that capacity building, and material and equipment support were prayed to be augmented. 

Disomimba stressed that the first-hand assessment they gathered would be further evaluated to see the remaining needs of their benefiting communities. 

“The result of which we will bring to the provincial government and also, to the donor of the STRIVEC Project, the IRW-Canda. We are hoping na (that) if there are remaining gaps, maybe we can have a part two,” she said. (CRG/PIA-10/Lanao del Sur)

Islamic Relief Worldwide (IRW)-Philippines Area Programme Manager Sittie-Jamaira Disomimba hopes to extend further their support for Lanao del Sur province if they see that the gaps pointed out from their project implementation would still need their effort. (PIA-10/Lanao del Sur)

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