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Camiguin water firm promotes water conservation, gives supplies to learners in Mahinog

MAHINOG, Camiguin (PIA)--Demonstrating its commitment to community well-being, the Camiguin Water Company (CWC) hosted a gift-giving and infodrive activity at Mapa Elementary School, Mahinog, here, September 19. 

A total of 61 students, ranging from kindergarten to grade 6, were the beneficiaries of this event, receiving much-needed school supplies generously provided by the company.

The school supply kits distributed by CWC contained essential items such as pad papers, pencils, sharpeners, crayons, erasers, rulers, envelopes, and other materials necessary for the students' educational journey.

CWC General Manager Jonathan Sarsonas took the opportunity to impart valuable life lessons to the young learners, saying, "Habang bata kayo, mag-aral kayong mabuti, sumunod kayo sa mga magulang niyo, lalo na sa inyong nanay. Meron kaming mga konting reminders sa inyo tungkol sa pagtitipid ng tubig [While you are young, study hard and obey your parents, especially your mother. We have a few reminders for you regarding water conservation]," he emphasized.

On sharing practical tips on water conservation, Ariel Balbutin, representing CWC, encouraged the learners and parents to avoid taking long showers and to always check faucets inside and outside their houses to ensure they are turned off, especially before sleeping or during water supply interruptions.

Balbutin also suggested reusing wastewater from activities such as laundry or dishwashing for cleaning other areas of the house or even the family vehicle. Rainwater harvesting was also introduced as a sustainable practice, urging parents and learners to collect and utilize rainwater for various chores.

For those using water tanks, Balbutin reminded parents not to forget to turn off the water faucet after they have stored enough water.

Lastly, Balbutin encouraged the students to use a glass when getting water for brushing their teeth, emphasizing the importance of conserving water even in small, everyday actions.

Grateful for CWC's support in this meaningful initiative, Zyra Hope Cagampang, a student from Mapa Elementary School, commended the company's dedication to the community, as she also observed the joy on her schoolmates' faces when they received the gifts provided by CWC, including food and essential supplies.

"During the event, we received valuable importance of conserving water, especially in our place where it’s such a precious resource. We learned about the environmental impact of water wastage and how we can make a difference in our daily lives," Cagampang said.

The event was a harmonious blend of education, generosity, and a commitment to the responsible use of water resources, reflecting CWC's dedication to both the academic and environmental welfare of the community. (RTP/PIA-10/Camiguin)

The Camiguin Water Company leads the distribution of school supplies to 61 learners at Mapa Elementary School in Mahinog, Camiguin, September 19, 2023. (James M. Elaco/PIA-10/Camiguin)
Learners from Mapa Elementary School in Mahinog, Camiguin, check out the school supplies distributed during the Gift-Giving and Infodrive Activity, September 19, 2023. (JME/PIA-10/Camiguin)

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