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Cordillera culture and tradition takes center stage at DOT’s Festival of Festivals

BAGUIO CITY (PIA) - - Locals and visitors alike watched and experienced the different cultures and traditions of the Cordillera with the second staging of the Festival of Festivals spearheaded by the Department of Tourism – Cordillera.
Performers, both young and old, from the provinces of Apayao, Benguet, Ifugao, Kalinga, Mountain Province, and Baguio City  once again filled  Baguio main thoroughfares in  a street dancing parade and then entertained the crowd with cultural performances at the Rose Garden of Burnham Park.
For Apayao, showcased was the “Lapat” Festival which the province celebrates every 25th of June. ‘Lapat’ is a method of the Isnag people where they demonstrate the regulation of natural resources to provide for the recovery, healing, and regeneration of forests and animals. The Lapat system of the Isnag is one of the oldest practices of the province and is  credited for increasing the population of the critically endangered Philippine Eagle.

The province of Benguet showcased  the Adivay Festival, a vibrant celebration of the province’s indigenous culture. The festival is celebrated in November coinciding  with the foundation anniversary of the province. Adivay is an  Ibaloi term meaning “coming together”. The festival brings together all the tribes and people of Benguet in a grand celebration  called  Canao  held every November 23.  

The famous B"anga" (clay pot) dance ofKalinga that was included in the Guiness Book of World Records during the Festival of Festivals cultural presentation. (CCD/PIA CAR)
Cultural performers from Mountain Province during the Lang-ay Festival cultural presentation. (CCD/PIA CAR)

The province of Ifugao  highlighted  the Hagabi in its Gotad Ad Ifugao Festival performance. The Hagabi represents a position of influence, a symbol of wealth, power and prestige.
Mountain Province  featured  the Lang-ay Festival which  celebrates  the customary living tradition of the people  for merrymaking to celebrate, share happiness, nurture friendship, strengthen family ties and foster brotherhood.
The province of Kalinga showcased  two of its festivals,  the Tabuk City’s Matagoan Festival Performance  featuring  the Banga Dance to pay tribute to Kalinga’s Guinness World Record for the Largest Banga Dance with over 4,681 participants which was achieved on February 15, 2023,  and the Municipality of Lubuagan’s Laga Festival  showcasing  the weaving industry and traditions passed from generation to generation.
Completing the Festival of Festivals show is the famous Baguio Flower Festival or more popularly known as "Panagbenga" celebrated every February. Panagbenga  is a Kanka-ey term which means season of blooming.

Kalinga Congressman Allen Jesse Mangaoang, in his keynote messages, paid homage to the ancestors who passed down the rich cultural heritage of Cordillera, as well as to the dedication of the people who worked on preserving and enriching such historical treasures.
“We are here to showcase the heart and soul of the Cordillera. As we are about to witness the pump of this activities, it is but fitting  and proper that we look back and pay homage to the countless of generations that uphold this region as our home. We honor the ancestors who have passed down the traditions who made us who we are today”;
“We recognize the hard work and dedication of our people  who have preserved and enriched our cultural heritage. I know that everyone, from far and near, are aware that the Cordillerans are in festive mood because our gongs are  resonating again through the mountains and valleys of our beloved region,” Mangaoang said.
Tourism Undersecretary Ferdinand Jumapao  lauded  the Cordillerans for  their   rich cultural heritage that is vital in promoting the country’s tourism industry.
“Tourism is an essential pillar of our country’s economy, and the Cordillera festivals play a vital role in driving this industry. They draw people from every corner of the globe to our beautiful shores. These festivals serve as a gateway to our rich culture, opening our doors to the world and inviting them to be part of our vibrant and diverse nation”, Jumapao said. (JDP/CCD-PIA CAR)

Kalinga Congressman Allen Jesse Mangaoang talks of the the rich cultural heritage of Cordillera passed down by the ancestors and continued to be preserved and enriched by the people of Cordillera. (CCD/PIA CAR)
DOT USEC Ferdinand Jumapao affirms the continuing support of the Tourism Department in the promotion of Cordillera cultures and destinations as he underscores its importance in the country's tourism industry. (CCD/PIA CAR)

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