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IWPG awards winners of the 3rd International Loving Peace Art Competition

The International Women's Peace Group led by Chairwoman Hyun Sook Yoon conducted  the virtual awards ceremony of the “International Loving Peace Art Competition,” which celebrated its 3rd anniversary this year, on November 6, 2021.

The event was attended by the winners and hundreds of women members from all over the world, sending congratulatory messages and encouragement to all the children and youth participants in the art competition.

The competition is a peace cultural event designed to develop children and youth, the protagonists of the future, into leaders of the peace culture.

Participated by about 5,000 children and youth, preliminaries  were held in 98 cities throughout 28 countries of the world from June to August.

Under the theme of “Cessation of global war, Coexistence, Communication, and Restoration of Humanity,” three pieces from each country that passed the preliminary stage competed in the finals.

Hanbit Oh (Gyeonggi Munsi Middle School, aged 15), who received the grand prize, described her piece, “I tried to express how everyone welcomes a peaceful world without discrimination of race, culture, or the rich or poor.” The judges evaluated the grand prize, saying, "The expression of the world peace dove flying in the blue sky with the flags of all nations in their beaks is impressive." The grand prize was presented with an award and a scholarship of 1 million Korean Won.

For the 2nd place, three students—Franceska Gabriela Sherleen Pagardian from Indonesia (Elementary School), Dollaya Ploysumrit (Middle School) from Thailand, and Birnel A. Panganiban (High School) from the Philippines, received a certificate and a scholarship of 200,000 KRW each as a prize.

For the 3rd place, six students —Patcharin Jantanarak from Thailand and Bujinlkham from Mongolia in the High School division, Kennard Dwiandra Putra and Sherly Vermont Kwerni from Indonesia in the Middle School division, Arin Nam from Korea and Michelle Fiona from Indonesia for the Elementary School division—received a certificate and a scholarship of 100,000 KRW each as a prize.

In addition, 9 students including Bouanani Khaoula from Morocco received the Award of Recognition, 6 students including Yuna Noh from the Republic of Korea received the Korea Special Award (Chairperson's Award from the Federation of Artistic and Culture Organization of Korea, Chairperson's Award from the Korean Fine Arts Association), and 63 students including Kelechi Emanuel from Cameroon received the Participation Award. The winning works will be published as a catalog and will be sent to winners.

Hyun Sook Yoon, Chairwoman of IWPG, said, “This event was planned in the hope that not only adults but also our children and young people would think about the end of war and peace together. We will go,” he encouraged the participants.

Lee Yang-hyeong, chairman of the judging committee (standing advisor to the Korean Art Association), said, “The evaluation was made in a fair and strict manner based on creativity and artistry, suitability to the theme for peace, color and completeness of the work.”

Iliwatu Danabeer, president of the East Timor Artists Association, congratulated him, saying, “When it comes to peace, we are all winners.”

IWPG is an international NGO with a special consultative status with the United Nations Economic and Social Council (UNECOSOC). (IWPG)

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