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Cebu City Parole and Probation Office No. 2, volunteers launch One-Stop Shop Services for PPA clients

PPA 7 Regional Director Jeorgette Paderanga giving her inspirational message to the Volunteer Probation Assistants and PPA clients. (Photo from Cebu City Parole and Probation Office No. 2)

Cebu City --  The Cebu City Parole and Probation Office (CPPO) No. 2 in collaboration with the Volunteer Probation Assistants (VPAs) held on July 18, 2022 a unique initiative dubbed "One-Stop Shop" services as a kick-off activity in celebration of the Parole and Probation Administration's (PPA) 46th anniversary. 

This initiative aims to empower PPA clients by providing vital support services in one location, including job placement, health and wellness, livelihood/skills training, life coaching, and intake interviews.

The event was highlighted by the presence of Regional Director Jeorgette Paderanga and Assistant Director Ma. Beverly Ampo who took time to talk with the volunteers and clients.

Santos Jumao-as, CPPO special assistant, also expressed support and called for the project to continue. 

Cebu City Office for Substance Abuse Prevention Executive Director Jonah John Jumao-as Rodriguez also attended the event and spoke about the significance of the second opportunity to PPA clients.

The VPAs organized the one-of-a-kind project which is overseen by Chief Probation and Parole Officer Alexes Navarra-Bergantin.

This activity was also backed by the Cebu City PPO No. 2 Team, which included Volunteerism Program Coordinator SPPO Christine Javier; RJ Coordinator SPPO Ma. Ivy Ngujo; Sr. PPO Marianne Suan, TC Coordinator; and Sr. PPO Reinerio Bargamento, Jail Coordinator.

The “One-Stop Shop” would not have been feasible without the strong involvement of the Department of Manpower Development and Placement, Barangay Guadalupe, and the generous assistance of benefactors.

The project's core is encapsulated in the theme "Reaching Out." (PR) 

Volunteer Probation Assistants in their red shirts together with the service providers of Department of Manpower Development and Placement Cebu City that provided job placement and skills and livelihood training to PPA clients. (Photo from Cebu City Parole and Probation Office No. 2)

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