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Programmatic digital out-of-home signage to roll out in Gensan

GENERAL SANTOS CITY -- Equipment Notification Solutions (ENS) Canada and Custard Apple Outsourcing Inc. plan to pilot test Programmatic Digital Out-of-Home (pDOOH) technology in General Santos City, a public-private partnership that could benefit the public in general.

The team envisions it to become an inter-governmental communication that will be used in local government units (LGUs) and national government agencies as a system for emergency notification, community billboard, and a possible source of revenue through its advertising model.

“We have plans to collaborate with LGUs and help them for their disaster preparedness management, social programs and employees’ productivity,'' Custard Apple Outsourcing CEO Lord Dalinas said.

Dalinas and his team plan to provide the system for free for a year in GenSan and extend it to other interested LGUs in the region.

“We believe that this technology will help resolve the current pressing concerns of our localities,” he added, citing its benefits from increasing office productivity and promoting government transparency.

“Our technology is a complementary to the current emergency system of the Philippines. We are excited to introduce it in the country, particularly in GenSan,” ENS Canada CEO Jeremiah Archambault said.

pDOOH refers to the automated buying, selling, and delivery of out-of-home advertising on digital billboards and signage. It is an efficient, fast and effective programmatic technology that includes screens in public places such as stadiums, airports, bus stops, shopping centers, elevators, taxis and more.

LGUs and marketers can reach people on screens of all shapes and sizes because pDOOH is designed to communicate messages at scale. They can activate, pause, and optimize digital out-of-home campaigns in near real time. They can tackle everything from announcing an incoming disaster, public service announcements, office memos, advertising public health messaging, popular products to suit weather conditions to traffic updates.

It enables them to plan and optimize all digital channels in one place. It gives them more control which can improve government image, brand and performance metrics. It plays a critical role in delivering contextually relevant messages at scale. It assists governing bodies during times of crisis, while making valuable use of digital urban infrastructure.

Dalinas foresees the country’s municipalities, provinces and cities would benefit from their system. He said that this technology offers a huge opportunity to LGUs and marketers to find solutions to the current problems that are tested through time.  

“We are handling this system for almost a decade now. We are expert in this technology. We have been using this technology in North America and the rest of the world. Why not use it in the Philippines. We hope that the country will be able to enjoy and experience the technology that we have,” Dalinas said.

ENS started as a website builder in 2009 and eventually evolved into a digital signage company. ENS has deployed thousands of digital signs in a variety of challenging locations. ENS is single-sourced for hardware, software, networking, installation, project management, content creation, and ongoing support, as well as surveillance and monitoring.

ENS uses a cloud based solution called Sign Administration Management (SAM), which enables the user to remotely manage the sign by just using a cellphone. It is a real time interactivity and cuts the hassle of manually installing and managing the signs.

Custard Apple Outsourcing Inc. is an IT/BPO company based in Gensan that have collaborated with government agencies and organizations in terms of providing technology solutions and in helping advocates of the IT industry in the region. (Genory Vanz Alfasain, contributor)

FILE PHOTO from Lord Dalinas

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