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2nd Tranche Increase in the Daily Minimum Wage for Region XI

DAVAO CITY – On June 04, 2022, the Regional Board XI issued Wage Order RB XI-21 which granted an increase in the daily minimum wage of workers in Region XI to be given in three tranches.

The first tranche of the increase took effect on June 19, 2022, wherein all sectors were given an increase of Thirty-One Pesos (Php 31.00) in their daily minimum wage.

The second tranche of the increase took effect on January 01, 2023, wherein the daily minimum wage for all sectors was increased by Sixteen Pesos (Php 16.00). 

Hence with the increase, the current daily minimum wage for Region XI as of January 01, 2023, is as follows:

The third tranche, amounting to Fifteen Pesos (P15.00), will take effect on April 01, 2023, which is applicable only to the Retail/Service Employing Not More Than 10 Workers. (PR RTWPB-XI)

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