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Authentic vanilla products launched at 'Kape Maitum' event

Urban Vanilla Farm has launched authentic vanilla extract and vanilla syrup products during the “Kape Maitum: Appreciation to Specialty Arabica and Fine Robusta” event on May 5, 2023, at JLC Hall, Municipal Building, Maitum, Sarangani Province. 

Melvin Awid, a rising young farmer in the region, showcased his vanilla products to fellow farmers and attendees at the Kape Maitum event.

“We believe that our products offer only the best quality that you and all our customers deserve. Our vanilla beans are handpicked from a single source and undergo a meticulous process of curing, which ensures that only the most authentic and premium quality vanilla is produced. However, due to its limited production, we are only able to distribute them to selected establishments,” Awid said. 

“This is why we encourage all of you to take part in supporting and planting vanilla to make it accessible to the locals of Sarangani. We hope that by doing so, we can contribute to the growth of the vanilla farming industry in the region and further establish our brand.” 

Awid, a former seafarer, made a life-changing decision to leave his high-paying job and pursue his newfound passion for vanilla farming in Sarangani. His goal is to turn the province into the country's leading producer of vanilla and to help uplift the lives of the farmers. 

He believes that great accomplishments start from small ideas. He acknowledges that transforming Sarangani into a vanilla producer may seem like a far-fetched concept at the moment.

In 2019, Awid visited Madagascar, a major global supplier of natural vanilla, and was struck by the similarities between the island and his hometown of Maitum in Sarangani, which inspired him to start his vanilla farming venture.

While vanilla is not widely cultivated in the region, a few individuals have started growing it for personal use. Vanilla is a highly versatile product, used in food, beverages, and liquor, as well as in medication syrups and perfumes.

Vanilla is a highly prized commodity, renowned as the second most expensive spice in the world after saffron. Its market price ranges from $100 to $600 per kilogram. Nonetheless, despite its exorbitant cost, cultivating just one hectare of vanilla plantation can produce nearly two tons of dried vanilla pods during harvest, making it a highly profitable crop for farmers.

Awid urged the public to work together towards the growth of the industry, the promotion of responsible agriculture, and the upliftment of Filipino farmers and communities. 

“Let us plant vanilla, let us create opportunities, and let us make a difference in the world. Together, let us make Sarangani a beacon of hope and prosperity for all,” he said. (Genory Vanz Alfasain/Sarangani Coffee Industry Development Council)

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