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Cateel Mayor turns over P 540K for Brigada Eskwela 2023

CATEEL, Davao Oriental (PIA) - - In a powerful display of commitment to education and community enrichment, Cateel Mayor Emilou C. Nuñez has affirmed her commitment for unity, development and progress.

A remarkable P540,000 from the municipality’s education funds was turned over to propelling the annual Brigada Eskwela Program within Cateel districts on August 23 at Cateel Central Elementary School.

This move underscores the mayor's unwavering dedication to education, community engagement, and fostering a nurturing environment for students.

Brigada Eskwela draws on the collective efforts of parents, teachers, students, and community members to enhance public schools ahead of the new academic year. Through collaborative endeavors such as repairs, painting, and maintenance, the initiative creates an inspiring atmosphere for students to learn and thrive.

With P540,000 fund will be utilized to bolster the impact of the initiative directly within local schools.

Said funds is also intended for infrastructure improvements, upgraded educational resources, and training for educators and volunteers. 

By focusing these resources on Brigada Eskwela, Mayor Nuñez has ensured that schools are better equipped to provide an enriched and stimulating learning environment for students across Cateel.

Mayor Nuñez emphasized the significance of this move, stating, "Education is the cornerstone of our society's advancement. By channeling education funds into Brigada Eskwela, we are investing not only in physical enhancements to our schools but also in the future of our children. This allocation reinforces our commitment to holistic education that nurtures students and equips them for success."

Education experts, community leaders, and citizens alike have applauded the mayor's visionary decision. The integration of education funds with the Brigada Eskwela initiative has struck a chord, reflecting a collective determination to bridge educational disparities and ensure that every student receives a fair chance at success.

The amalgamation of Brigada Eskwela and the infusion of education funds stands poised not only to uplift school infrastructure but also to foster a sense of unity and shared purpose within the community.

As schools gear up for the collaborative efforts of Brigada Eskwela, Mayor Nuñez' vision of an empowered, equitable, and nurturing education system is taking root within Cateel. (PR from Municipality of Cateel/PIA Davao Oriental)

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