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Embers of Resilience

MARAWI CITY, Lanao del Sur (PIA)--Sikap Elementary School in Marawi City faced a daunting challenge on May 11, 2023, that tested the resilience of its community. A raging fire caused by faulty electrical wiring engulfed the kindergarten building, which threatened the very heart of education, especially the children.

But thanks to the swift action of the school staff, residents, and the vital school disaster risk reduction (DRR) equipment provided by World Vision, the situation was contained, preventing the fire from spreading further and endangering more lives!

Importance of Disaster Preparedness

Teacher Faisah, the school Disaster Risk Reduction and Management Coordinator, said the DRRM equipment played a vital role in response to the recent fire incident.

“Before World Vision arrived, we didn't have any equipment for school disaster risk and reduction management. We truly had no equipment at all. Alhamdulillah (praise be to God), with the help of World Vision, we were able to acquire DRRM equipment, especially fire extinguishers," she stated.

The kindergarten building of Sikap Elementary School engulfed in flames on May 11, 2023 at around 6PM.

"It was a tremendous help to us, especially when a fire broke out in our kindergarten building. The presence of the DRRM equipment, particularly the fire extinguishers, made a significant difference and helped us effectively respond to the situation," Faisah added.

Because there were still small fires remaining, even after the firemen from the Bureau of Fire Protection (BFP) had left, Faisah said they were able to use our fire extinguishers, along with the safety hats provided by World Vision.

The burned building of the school stands as a reminder of the importance of disaster preparedness.

The aftermath of the devastating fire that engulfed the kindergarten building of Sikap Elementary School on May 11, leaving behind a heartbreaking scene of destruction and loss.

The Power of Resilience

On that fateful day, the joint efforts of the school teachers, authorities, and the entire community proved instrumental in containing the fire. Their swift and coordinated actions prevented the flames from spreading further and endangering more lives.

These charred remains of the school's first-ever building evoke both sadness and resilience. However, the whole community is determined to bounce back stronger as they embark on the journey of rebuilding.

As Sikap Elementary School moves forward, it inspires us all to embrace resilience and work together to build a safer and more prepared future for our communities.

A Throwback in 2021

In 2021, World Vision provided disaster risk reduction equipment and tools to Sikap Elementary School, alongside four other schools in Marawi City, to enhance their preparedness and response to disasters. These essential tools encompassed a range of items such as fire extinguishers, protective boots, flashlights, hard hats, ropes, portable radios, alarm systems, etc.

These tools, obtained through a partnership with Childhood Rescue in 2021, enabled the school staff and brave community members to confront the fire head-on, preventing its escalation and minimizing the damage caused. (World Vision PH/PIA-10 Lanao del Sur)

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