A local girl from Bagumbayan, Tuguegarao City, has virtually placed a face to public service in the sensitive field of information.

Her vital contributions to public service is beyond adjectives. Twenty-seven glorious and landmark years as a civil servant to the Philippine Information Agency exposed her intellectual perspicacity and magnanimous achievements. Her personal data sheet, alone, is overflowing with merits and recognitions which spell the real woman behind the façade of this straight-forward Cagayano.

At this stage, her story may now be all about the triumphs and victories in her chosen endeavor, but she also had her own share of heart-breaking moments from which inspiration can be drawn particularly to those entry-level employees of the government.

Just like the rest of women stories in the world, ‘Ems’, as she is fondly called, has had her humble beginning long before she reached the pinnacle of her career. The first time she entered public service, she vowed to become exemplary, come hell or high waters.

As a marketing strategist of her agency, she is a hands-on worker from conceptualization, planning, packaging and production to dissemination and supervision of information through the various medium of communication.

In fact, no less than her former boss, the then Secretary Sonny Coloma of the Presidential Communications Operations Office (PCOO), commended her efforts as an ace in the information efforts of the country.

Aside from good rapport and linkages she has cemented with government and non-government organizations all these years, she also, unselfishly, shares her knowledge and expertise to the different audience as a resource person during training and seminars.

With her innate intelligence and leadership acumen which culminated in a business administration post graduate degree, she has been a Fellow of the World Health Organization and Bill Gates Foundation.

In October 2015, she received her appointment order from the Royal Institution of Singapore as International Visiting Professor Fellow of the Royal Institution.

Amidst all those hard-earned and well-deserved promotions, the passion to serving her country continued to ignite in her heart as she continuously springs enthusiasm and fairness at work.

Many feathers have been added to her cap of achievements but she takes pride in being a champion for gender and development issues and concerns. She believes that women are the key to sustainable human development as they also influence access to and control over resources, and participation in decision-making.

Since then, she became the indomitable fortress of women’s rights in the workplace. She even spearheaded various GAD-related seminars, training, and developmental projects in her quest of protecting and promoting the welfare of the deprived women sector where they can freely participate in development processes.

Ems always seals her work with excellence and earned the respect and admiration of her staff and even key stakeholders. She has touched and changed many lives and this, undoubtedly, gives pride to the information industry.

Strangers may be intimidated but beneath the serious-looking face is a cheerful personality that can spark any dull moment into hilarity to ease everybody.

Ems shines brightly in all aspects of her life. She can be a loving daughter, a doting sister, an affectionate wife, a supportive boss, and a caring friend.

Many adjectives can be used but words will never be enough to depict who she is, but if mere words will suffice, then only three words can mean Emelyn Quintos–Libunao: public service personified. (PIA)