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Procurement of Cabinetry Works/Furniture and Repairs and Maintenance for PIA CAR New Building

Supply and delivery of Motor Vehicle Parts, Accessories, and Maintenance Supplies (Lots 1-3)

Supply and Delivery of various Audio and Visual Supplies and Accessories

Supply & Delivery of Livestream Equipment

Procurement of Packed Meals and snacks for the Attendees of Technical Assistance on Quality Management System Transition to ISO 9001:2015 Standard

Supply and Delivery of One (1) lot of Various Supplies and Materials for Repair of the Agency Offices

Procurement of Annual Physical Examination 2023

Hiring of One (1) Security Guard for PIA-CAR Regional Office New Building

Supply and Delivery of Toners, Ink & Cartridge Lots I-II

Supply and Delivery of Various Office Supplies/Consumables Lots II and IV