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Dapitan Mayor likens West Philippine Sea conflict to Rizal’s struggle for freedom

DAPITAN CITY (PIA) – Renowned as the place where Dr. Jose Rizal was exiled for his writings that reignited Filipino patriotism, Dapitan City has always taken pride in keeping the National Hero’s philosophy and beliefs alive.

It seems fated that over a century later, when Filipinos are again facing aggression from foreign forces, the Philippine Information Agency, the government’s primary developmental communications arm, held its strategic communication planning workshop in the same city that also inspired Rizal.

Dapitan City Mayor Seth Frederick “Bullet” Jalosjos was vocal in his support of the Philippine Coast Guard’s (PCG) transparency initiative in the West Philippine Sea (WPS) and the Philippine Information Agency’s (PIA) strategic communications mission.

“This workshop isn’t just about strategy;it is about channeling the spirit of Rizal, the unwavering commitment of the Philippine Coast Guard, and the brilliant minds of the Philippine Information Agency and partnering them into a masterpiece of communication,” Mayor Jalosjos said.

Dapitan Mayor Seth Frederick "Bullet" Jalosjos discusses matters with West Philippine Sea Spokesperson Commodore Jay Tarriela (left) and PIA Director General Jose Torres (far right)

Jalosjos also compared the PCG and PIA’s methods of empowering the Filipino people with information to Rizal’s historical peaceful uprising through his classics.

“Just as Rizal championed education, we too must empower every Filipino with the tools we need to understand this critical issue,” he added.

The more people know about the situation in the West Philippine Sea, the more they will see that these violations are not simply against fisherfolk but the Filipino people as a whole,and hopefully, the more likely it will be that they will get involved. 

According to Commodore Jay Tarriela, spokesperson of the Philippine Coast Guard on the West Philippine Sea, the seeds of awareness and information we plant today will bloom into a more patriotic and empowered generation tomorrow.

“Ang kalayaan na ini-enjoy natin ngayon, sana pangalagaan at ipaglaban natin,” he said.

(Let us value and fight for the independence we enjoy today.) (EDT/PJF/PIA9-Zamboanga del Norte)

About the Author

Pamela Joyce Fumero

Information Officer - I

Region 9

A psychology graduate with latin honors from Mindanao State University - Iligan Institute of Technology, Pamela is a registered psychometrician currently employed as a writer and information officer at the Philippine Information Agency's Region IX - Zamboanga del Norte Information Center.

As an information officer, she attends meetings and provides coverage for both government and nongovernment events that benefit the Filipino people.

She also writes feature and news stories which can be found on PIA's official website. 

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